Leading German Journalist admits CIA routinely ‘Bribed’ him; Germany is a colony of the USA

Udo Ulfkotte a former Editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, one of Germany’s largest and most influential newspapers. He has now become a whistleblower and gone public about his own long-term activities as a CIA asset, and how all major and respected German media, like the media in other Western countries, is controlled by the CIA and unnamed U.S. based billionaires, and big transatlantic organizations.

He states that Germany is little more than a U.S. controlled Banana Republic (as we have long known and previously stated in our posts) which he concludes the U.S. aristocracy that controls the CIA wants to bring about, or else to bring closer to the brink. Ulfkotte now believes that this broad and pervasive corruption is bringing Europe close to a new major war with Russia.

In this RT Interview which was uploaded to YouTube on Sept 29, 2014 Ulfkotte told Russian Television:

“I’ve been a journalist for about 25 years, and I’ve been educated to lie, to betray, and not to tell the truth to the public! The German and American media tries to bring war to the people in Europe, to bring war to Russia. This is a point of no return, and I am going to stand up and say it is not right what I have done in the past, to manipulate people, to make propaganda against Russia, and it is not right what my colleagues do, and have done in the past, because they are bribed to betray the people not only in Germany, all over Europe. I am very fearful of a new war in Europe, and I don’t like to have this situation again, because war is never coming from itself, there is always people who push for war, and this is not only politicians, it is journalists too. We have betrayed our readers, just to push for war. I don’t want this anymore, I’m fed up with this propaganda. We live in a banana republic, and not in a democratic country where we have press freedom.

The German media, especially, my colleagues, day by day, write against the Russians, [these journalists] who are in transatlantic organizations, and who are supported by the United States to do so.

I became ‘honorary citizen of the state of Oklahoma,’ Why? Because I write pro-American. I was supported by the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA. Why? Because I am pro-American. I am fed up with it; I don’t want to do it anymore; and so I have just written a book, not to earn money, no, it will cause a lot of trouble for me. [I wrote it instead] to give the people in this country, Germany, in Europe, and all over the world, just a glimpse of … what goes on behind the closed doors.”

Other selected quotes from the video:

[4:40] “Most of the journalists you see in foreign countries, European or American journalists, like me in the past, are so-called non-official cover. Non-official cover means what? You do work for an intelligence agency, but when they [the public] find out that you are not only a journalist but a spy too, they [the CIA] will never say this was one of our guys. So, I have helped them in several situations, and I feel ashamed for that. I feel ashamed that I was bribed by billionaires, I was bribed by the Americans, not to report exactly the truth.

I was just imagining in my car while I was driving to this interview, I just try to work out in my brain what would have happened if I had written a pro-Russian article, in the Frankfurter Allgemeine. Well, we were all educated to write pro-European, pro-American, but please not pro-Russian. But this is not what I understand for democracy, for press freedom, I am very sorry for that.”

[6:30] “Germany is still a kind of a colony of the United States, you’ll see that in many points; like for example, the majority of Germany do not want to have nukes in our country, but we still have American nukes; so, we are still a kind of an American colony, and, being a colony, it is very easy to approach young journalists through (and what is very important here is) transatlantic organizations. All journalists from respected and big German newspapers, magazines, radio stations, TV stations, they are all members or guests of those big transatlantic organizations, and in these transatlantic organizations you are approached to be pro-American, and … they invite you for seeing the United States, they pay for that, they pay all your expenses and everything. So, you are bribed, you get more and more corrupt, because they make you good contacts. … So, you make friends, you think they are your friends and cooperate with them. They ask you, ‘will you do me this favor,’ ‘will you do me that favor,’ so your brain is more and more brainwashed, through these guys.

[Is this only the case with German journalists?] No, I think it is especially the case with British journalists, because they have a much closer relationship. It is especially the case with Israeli journalists. Of course with French journalists. It is the case for Australians, [with] journalists from New Zealand, from Taiwan, well, there is many countries, like Jordan for example.”

[9:17] “Sometimes the intelligence agencies, they come to your office, and want you to write an article. I just remember [for example] that the German foreign intelligence agency, the Bundesnachrichtendienst – it is just a sister organization of the Central Intelligence Agency, see it was founded by the American intelligence agency came to my office, and they wanted me to write an article about Libya and about Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.They gave me all these secret informations, and they just wanted me to sign the article with my name. I did that. It was published in the Frankfurter Allgemeine, it was about how he secretly tried to build a poison gas factory, it was a story that was printed worldwide days later, but I had no information on that [the CIA wrote it].”


As we have previously reported …

Putin - Germany is an Occupied CountryAnd you thought that Germany was “liberated” in 1945, and that, thanks to the sacrifices of your nation’s brave soldiers, you too “live in a free country” today. Or maybe you are one of those kooky conspiracy theorists who actually believes that the “evil Nazis secretly took over America after WWII”? Dream on!

Well, congratulations to Ulfkotte for coming clean about his past and about the state of media affairs and corruption in the FRG/BRD and also in the rest of the western world.  Sadly, he is a little bit vague about these U.S. based “billionaires” and about the “transatlantic organizations”  which are controlling these countries and world affairs and pushing for war. We are left to guess.

Might it be the “International Bankster Gangsters” such as Rothschilds, Rockefellers, J.P. Morgans, et al (Federal Reserve cartel and Wall Street), International Zionists,  Freemasons, Military Industrial Complex, and the CFR, etc?

It seems to me that a certain other individual in the past also warned us of such an international conspiracy against Germany.

What was his name again?

My question to Mr. Putin is, when are you going to come clean about the role of the Soviet Union in World War II? That includes: Stalin’s plans to attack Germany while Hitler was busy fighting the French and the English in the West, and Hitler’s pre-emptive strike against the Soviet forces to thwart that attack, as well as; the truth about what brutal Soviet forces did to the German citizens and soldiers (and the international Waffen SS forces) when they finally overran Germany. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, come clean about the BIG LIES the Soviets subsequently told at the IMT to slander and demonize the Germans to this day?

If you truly are a friend of Germany as you claim Mr. Putin, and if you really wish to prevent a new global war, then it is in your interest and ours, and indeed, that of the world at large, to finally stand up and to TELL THE TRUTH about World War II!

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German Ingenuity Provides a Means to Protect Earnings Against Inflation and Increase Your Wealth

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Thank you for reading and watching the video. I look forward to welcoming you to the global Karatbars family, and am also here to provide support to those who join my team.

Finally, whether through participating in the Karatbars program, through making donations, purchasing books through my Amazon affiliate book store, or simply by sharing my posts and videos, etc  I thank you and wish you all a great Christmas holiday season!


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Paul Eisen announces: ‘Jews for Justice for Germans’

A friend recently brought this article to my attention which I was delighted to read, and would now like to share with my own readers and supporters, as well as, with those rabid truth haters out there:

Paul Eisen

Paul Eisen

Jews for Justice for Germans (JFJFG)

“Jews for this, Jews for that, doesn’t it just make you sick. But wait, this one’s different. You’ve all heard of Jews for Justice for Palestinians (JFJFP) well, here’s Jews for Justice for Germans (JFJFG).

JFJFG was conceived by fellow Jew Henry Herskovitz, German-Irish American and wannabee Jew, Dan McGowan and me.

Below is our program. So far, we’ve only got three Signatories, Henry, Dan and me – but we’re hoping for more.

If you want to sign, contact me at: pauleisen.blogspot@hotmail.co.uk

We call on Elie Wiesel to withdraw and apologize for his statement that “All Jews should set apart in themselves a zone of hate – healthy, virile hate – for what the German personifies and for what persists in the Germans.

We call on all Jews to demand that the interactions between Germans and Jews 1933-1945 be open to discussion in the same way as any other events in history

In this connection we call on all Governments to repeal, with immediate effect, all Holocaust denial laws and immediately publicly apologize to and compensate all who have suffered under those laws.

In the interests of reconciliation we call on the German Federal Government to cease, with immediate effect, all reparation payments to Israel and all compensation payments to Jewish survivors of the interactions between Germans and Jews 1933-1945.

In the interests of justice, we call on representatives of Jewish communities worldwide to meet with representatives of the German people to discuss the possible repayment of some reparations and compensations paid to Jews by Germans

We call on representatives of Jewish communities worldwide to begin discussions about the role of Jews in the suffering inflicted on Germans since 1945 and, if appropriate, to make arrangements for apology, reparation and compensation.”

Posted: Saturday, 6 September 2014



I have never met or had any direct contact with Paul Eisen, and have no idea if he is even aware of my site, but I have read a number of his previous posts and consider him a very thoughtful and intelligent man of integrity, and I greatly appreciated his stance. I hope that more Jews will come forward in support of this group and its stated mission.

This also reminded me of other Jews who have previously spoken out in the past in defence of the Germans, such as Benjamin Freedman.  I recently re-posted a portion of his speech given in Washington, DC in 1961. You can read it here:

World War I, The Balfour Declaration, Versailles Treaty, and the Set Up for World War II and III

There is also an article I posted on my blog in April 2013, that was originally written and published in Germany in 1933 in one of the leading Jewish magazines of the day. I translated it into English:

Our Struggle for Germany Against the Atrocity Propaganda from abroad

Then there is also a free 30 page booklet written by a German Jew named Heinz Weichardt who survived the Hitler era and the war, and it is also highly informative.

Under Two Flags – A German Jew Speaks Out About Hitler and NS Germany

Thanks to all who have taken the time to write and who continue to support my work with donations, and by sharing my blog posts and videos.  There is much more to come, including things I am working on behind the scenes in the interest of Justice for Germans which I hope to be able to share in the near future.

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VIDEO: Christopher Sandau Testifies in his Own Defence to Bogus ‘Neo-Nazi’ Claims

A 33 year old Canadian man was falsely accused of being a “Neo-Nazi” and fired from his position as a paid Minor Hockey Coach in North Delta, BC, Canada in early November, 2014.  He was never charged with any crime, but has vilified in the media (locally, nationally and internationally), and defamed by unscrupulous reporters looking for an easy target to bait and to smear for a sensational headline story. They got it. But they did not count on this!

In this video, filmed on November 11th, 2014., Christopher provides his own testimony as to what happened regarding his firing while being interviewed in private by a group of concerned citizens who had never met him before, but who are concerned with his plight, as well as the power of a very corrupt and biased media.

This could have a life long impact for Chris and so we are doing everything in our power to help him. The decision to fire him must be challenged and the media must be held to account for their reckless and callous actions. They are counting on no one defending this man. Let’s prove them wrong. Let’s not let them get away with it, or they will keep on doing it.

There are always two sides to every story. Why does the media not want you to hear it? This man has his to tell, and we Germans have ours to tell. We are now telling it and we intend to hold liars and allied war criminals to account.

If the world wants peace, it needs to finally learn the truths that have been withheld, however uncomfortable they may be.

Who is it that doesn’t want you to know or to even question, and why?  What agenda is served by withholding the facts? Who benefits?

Not the common people who want to live in freedom and in peace!

Some Related “News”  items:






PS. As you can see when you read through all of the various articles (and there are many more) that they are not actually reporting facts, but just repeating what was said elsewhere. Nor do they give adequate room (if any) for rebuttal. Where comments are allowed. the gullible sheeple just chime in to agree, and “go along to get along”.

We ask that our readers send letters to the editors and post comments, in an intelligent and factual manner and not engage in their tactics. Insults and derogatory terms do not educate and do not help our cause. Thank you.

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World War I, The Balfour Declaration, Versailles Treaty, and the Set Up for World War II and III

  “World War I broke out in the summer of 1914.  Nineteen-hundred and fourteen was the year in which World War One broke out… Now that war was waged on one side by Great Britain, France, and Russia; and on the other side by Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey. What happened?”

By Benjamin Freedman (1961) in a speech given at Willard Hotel, Washington, D.C. (Listen via YouTube)

“Within two years Germany had won that war:  not alone won it nominally, but won it actually. The German submarines, which were a surprise to the world, had swept all the convoys from the Atlantic Ocean, and Great Britain stood there without ammunition for her soldiers, stood there with one week’s food supply  facing her — and after that, starvation.

At that time, the French army had mutinied.  They lost 600,000 of the flower of French youth in the defense of Verdun on the Somme.  The Russian army was defecting.  They were picking up their toys and going home, they didn’t want to play war anymore, they didn’t like the Czar.  And the Italian army had collapsed.

Now Germany — not a shot had been fired on the German soil.  Not an enemy soldier had crossed the border into Germany.  And yet, here was Germany offering England peace terms.  They offered England a negotiated peace on what the lawyers call a status quo ante basis.  That means: “Let’s call the war off, and let everything be as it was before the war started.”

Well, England, in the summer of 1916 was considering that. Seriously!   They had no choice.  It was either accepting this negotiated peace that Germany was magnanimously offering them, or going on with the war and being totally defeated.

While that was going on, the Zionists in Germany, who represented the Zionists from Eastern Europe, went to the British War Cabinet and — I am going to be brief because this is a long story, but I have all the documents to prove any statement that I make  if anyone here is curious, or doesn’t believe what I’m saying is at all possible — the Zionists in London went to the British war cabinet and they said: “Look here.  You can yet win this war.  You don’t have to give up.  You don’t have to accept the negotiated peace offered to you now by Germany.  You can win this war if the United States will come in as your ally.”

The United States was not in the war at that time.  We were fresh; we were young; we were rich; we were powerful.  They [Zionists] told England: “We will guarantee to bring the United States into the war as your ally, to fight with you on your side, if you will promise us Palestine after you win the war.”

In other words, they made this deal:  “We will get the United States into this war as your ally. The price you must pay us  is Palestine after you have won the war and defeated Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Turkey.”

Now England had as much right to promise Palestine to anybody, as the United States would have to promise Japan to Ireland for any reason whatsoever.   It’s absolutely absurd that Great Britain — that never had any connection or any interest or any right in what is known as Palestine — should offer it as coin of the realm to pay the Zionists for bringing the United States into the war.

However, they made that promise, in October of 1916.   October, nineteen hundred and sixteen. And shortly after that — I don’t know how many here remember it — the United States, which was almost totally pro-German — totally pro-German — because the newspapers here were controlled by Jews, the bankers were Jews, all the media of mass communications in this country were controlled by Jews, and they were pro-German because their people, in the majority of cases came from Germany, and they wanted to see Germany lick the Czar.

The Jews didn’t like the Czar, and they didn’t want Russia to win this war.  So the German bankers — the German-Jews — Kuhn Loeb and the other big banking firms in the United States refused to finance France or England to the extent of one dollar.   They stood aside and they said: “As long as France and England are tied up with Russia, not one cent!”  But they poured money into Germany, they fought with Germany against Russia, trying to lick the Czarist regime.

Now those same Jews, when they saw the possibility of getting Palestine, they went to England and they made this deal.  At that time, everything changed, like the traffic light that changes from red to green.  Where the newspapers had been all pro-German, where they’d been telling the people of the difficulties that Germany was having fighting Great Britain commercially and in other respects, all of a sudden the Germans were no good.   They were villains.   They were Huns. They were shooting Red Cross nurses.  They were cutting off babies’ hands.  And they were no good.

Well, shortly after that, Mr. Wilson declared war on Germany.

The Zionists in London sent these cables to the United States, to Justice Brandeis: “Go to work on President Wilson.  We’re getting from England what we want.  Now you go to work, and you go to work on President Wilson and get the United States into the war.”  And that did happen. That’s how the United States got into the war.  We had no more interest in it; we had no more right to be in it than we have to be on the moon tonight instead of in this room.

Now the war — World War One — in which the United States participated had absolutely no reason to be our war. We went in there — we were railroaded into it — if I can be vulgar, we were suckered into — that war merely so that the Zionists of the world could obtain Palestine.   Now, that is something that the people  in the United States have never been told. They never knew why we went into World War One. Now, what happened?

After we got into the war, the Zionists went to Great Britain and they said: “Well, we performed our part of the agreement.  Let’s have something in writing that shows that you are going to keep your bargain and give us Palestine after you win the war.”   Because they didn’t know whether the war would last another year or another ten years.   So they started to work out a receipt.   The receipt took the form of a letter, and it was worded in very cryptic language so that the world at large wouldn’t know what it was all about.   And that was called the Balfour Declaration.

The Balfour Declaration was merely Great Britain’s promise to pay the Zionists what they had agreed upon as a consideration for getting the United States into the war.   So this great Balfour Declaration, that you hear so much about, is just as phony as a three dollar bill.   And I don’t think I could make it more emphatic than that.

Now, that is where all the trouble started.  The United States went in the war.  The United States crushed Germany.  We went in there, and it’s history. You know what happened.  Now, when the war was ended, and the Germans went to Paris, to the Paris Peace Conference in 1919, there were 117 Jews there, as a delegation representing the Jews, headed by Bernard Baruch.  I was there: I ought to know. Now what happened?

The Jews at that peace conference, when they were cutting up Germany and parcelling out Europe to all these nations that claimed a right to a certain part of European territory, the Jews said, “How about Palestine for us?”  And they produced, for the first time to the knowledge of the Germans, this Balfour Declaration.   So the Germans, for the first time realized, “Oh, that was the game!  That’s why the United States came into the war.”  And the Germans for the first time realized that they were defeated, they suffered this terrific reparation that was slapped onto them, because the Zionists wanted Palestine and they were determined to get it at any cost.

Now, that brings us to another very interesting point.  When the Germans realized this, they naturally resented it.  Up to that time, the Jews had never been better off in any country in the world than they had been in Germany.

You had Mr. Rathenau there, who was maybe 100 times as important in industry and finance as is Bernard Baruch in this country.   You had Mr. Balin, who owned the two big steamship lines, the North German Lloyd’s and the Hamburg-American Lines. You had Mr. Bleichroder, who was the banker for the Hohenzollern family.  You had the Warburgs in Hamburg, who were the big merchant bankers — the biggest in the world.  The Jews were doing very well in Germany. No question about that.  Now, the Germans felt: “Well, that was quite a sellout.”

It was a sellout that I can best compare — suppose the United States was at war today with the Soviet Union.  And we were winning.  And we told the Soviet Union: “Well, let’s quit.  We offer you peace terms.  Let’s forget the whole thing.” And all of a sudden Red China came into the war as an ally of the Soviet Union.  And throwing them into the war brought about our defeat.  A crushing defeat, with reparations the likes of which man’s imagination cannot encompass.

Imagine, then, after that defeat, if we found out that it was the Chinese in this country, our Chinese citizens, who all the time we thought they were loyal citizens working with us, were selling us out to the Soviet Union and that it was through them that Red China was brought into the war against us. How would we feel, in the United States against Chinese?  I don’t think that one of them would dare show his face on any street.  There wouldn’t be lampposts enough, convenient, to take care of them. Imagine how we would feel.

Well, that’s how the Germans felt towards these Jews.  “We’ve been so nice to them”; and from 1905 on, when the first Communist revolution in Russia failed, and the Jews had to scramble out of Russia, they all went to Germany.  And Germany gave them refuge.  And they were treated very nicely.  And here they sold Germany down the river for no reason at all other than they wanted Palestine as a so-called “Jewish commonwealth.”

Now, Nahum Sokolow — all the great leaders, the big names that you read about in connection with Zionism today — they, in 1919, 1920, ’21, ’22, and ’23, they wrote in all their papers — and the press was filled with their statements — that “the feeling against the Jews in Germany is due to the fact that they realized that this great defeat was brought about by our intercession and bringing the United States into the war against them.”

The Jews themselves admitted that.  It wasn’t that the Germans in 1919 discovered that a glass of Jewish blood tasted better than Coca-Cola or Muenschner Beer.  There was no religious feeling. There was no sentiment against those people merely on account of their religious belief. It was all political.  It was economic.  It was anything but religious.

Nobody cared in Germany whether a Jew went home and pulled down the shades and said “Shema’ Yisrael” or “Our Father.”  No one cared in Germany any more than they do in the United States.  Now this feeling that developed later in Germany was due to one thing: that the Germans held the Jews responsible for their crushing defeat, for no reason at all, because World War One was started against Germany for no reason for which they [Germans] were responsible.  They were guilty of nothing. Only of being successful.  They built up a big navy. They built up world trade.

You must remember, Germany, at the time of Napoleon, at the time of the French Revolution, what was the German Reich consisted of 300 — three hundred! — small city-states, principalities, dukedoms, and so forth.  Three hundred little separate political entities. And between that time, between the period of. . . between Napoleon and Bismarck, they were consolidated into one state. And within 50 years after that time they became one of the world’s great powers. Their navy was rivalling Great Britain’s, they were doing business all over the world, they could undersell anybody and make better products.  And what happened?  What happened as a result of that?

There was a conspiracy between England, France, and Russia that: “We must slap down Germany”, because there isn’t one historian in the world that can find a valid reason why those three countries decided to wipe Germany off the map politically. Now, what happened after that?

When Germany realized that the Jews were responsible for her defeat, they naturally resented it.   But not a hair on the head of any Jew was harmed.  Not a single hair.  Professor Tansill, of Georgetown University, who had access to all the secret papers of the State Department, wrote in his book, and quoted from a State Department document written by Hugo Schoenfelt, a Jew who Cordell Hull sent to Europe in 1933 to investigate the so-called camps of political prisoners. And he wrote back that he found them in very fine condition.

They were in excellent shape; everybody treated well.  And they were filled with Communists. Well, a lot of them were Jews, because the Jews happened to be maybe 98 per cent of the Communists in Europe at that time.  And there were some priests there, and ministers, and labor leaders, Masons, and others who had international affiliations.

Now, the Jews sort of tried to keep the lid on this fact.  They didn’t want the world to really understand that they had sold out Germany, and that the Germans resented that.

So they did take appropriate action against them [against the Jews].  They. . . shall I say, discriminated against them wherever they could?  They shunned them.  The same as we would the Chinese, or the Negroes, or the Catholics, or anyone in this country who had sold us out to an enemy and brought about our defeat.

Now, after a while, the Jews of the world didn’t know what to do, so they called a meeting in Amsterdam.  Jews from every country in the world attended in July 1933.  And they said to Germany: “You fire Hitler!  And you put every Jew back into his former position, whether he was a Communist, no matter what he was.  You can’t treat us that way!  And we, the Jews of the world, are calling upon you, and serving this ultimatum upon you.”  Well, the Germans told them. . . you can imagine.  So what did they [the Jews] do?

They broke up, and Samuel Untermyer, if the name means anything to people here. . .  (You want to ask a question? — Uh, there were no Communists in Germany at that time.  they were called ‘Social Democrats.)

Well, I don’t want to go by what they were called.  We’re now using English words, and what they were called in Germany is not very material. . . but they were Communists, because in 1917, the Communists took over Germany for a few days. Rosa Luxembourg and Karl Liebknecht, and a group of Jews in Germany took over the government for three days.  In fact, when the Kaiser ended the war, he fled to Holland because he thought the Communists were going to take over Germany as they did Russia, and that he was going to meet the same fate that the Czar did in Russia. So he left and went to Holland for safety and for security.

Now, at that time, when the Communist threat in Germany was quashed, it was quiet, the Jews were working, still trying to get back into their former — their status — and the Germans fought them in every way they could, without hurting a hair on anyone’s head.  The same as one group, the Prohibitionists, fought the people who were interested in liquor, and they didn’t fight one another with pistols, they did it every way they could.

Well, that’s the way they were fighting the Jews in Germany.  And, at that time, mind you, there were 80 to 90 million Germans and there were only 460,000 Jews. . . less than one half of one percent of Germany were Jews.  And yet, they controlled all of the press, they controlled most of the economy, because they had come in and with cheap money — you know the way the Mark was devalued — they bought up practically everything.

Well, in 1933 when Germany refused to surrender, mind you, to the World Conference of Jews in Amsterdam, they broke up and Mr. Untermeyer came back to the United States — who was the head of the American delegation and the president of the whole conference –  and he went from the steamer to ABC and made a radio broadcast throughout the United States in which he said:

“The Jews of the world now declare a Holy War against Germany.  We are now engaged in a sacred conflict against the Germans.  And we are going to starve them into surrender.  We are going to use a world-wide boycott against them, that will destroy them because they are dependent upon their export business.”

judea_declares_war_on_germany   And it is a fact that two thirds of Germany’s food supply had to be imported, and it could only be imported with the proceeds of what they exported.  Their labor.  So if Germany could not export, two thirds of Germany’s population would have to starve. There just was not enough food for more than one third of the population.

Now in this declaration, which I have here, it was printed on page — a whole page — in the New York Times on August 7, 1933,  Mr. Samuel Untermyer boldly stated that: “this economic boycott is our means of self-defense.  President Roosevelt has advocated its use in the NRA” . [National Recovery Administration]  — which some of you may remember, where everybody was to be boycotted unless they followed the rules laid down by the New Deal, which of course was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court at that time.

Nevertheless, the Jews of the world declared a boycott against Germany, and it was so effective that you couldn’t find one thing in any store anywhere in the world with the words “made in Germany” on it.

In fact, an executive of the Woolworth Company told me that they had to dump millions of dollars worth of crockery and dishes into the river; that their stores were boycotted.  If anyone came in and found a dish marked “made in Germany,” they were picketed with signs: “Hitler”,  “murderer”, and so forth,  and like — something like these sit-ins that are taking place in the South.

R. H. Macy, which is controlled by a family called Strauss who also happen to be Jews. . . a woman found stockings there which came from Chemnitz, marked “made in Germany”.  Well, they were cotton stockings. They may have been there 20 years, because since I’ve been observing women’s legs in the last twenty years, I haven’t seen a pair with cotton stockings on them.  So Macy!  I saw Macy boycotted, with hundreds of people walking around with signs saying “MURDERS”  and “HITLERITES”, and so forth.

Now up to that time, not one hair on the head of any Jew had been hurt in Germany.  There was no suffering, there was no starvation, there was no murder, there was nothing.

Now, that. . . naturally, the Germans said, “Why, who are these people to declare a boycott against us and throw all our people out of work, and our industries come to a standstill?  Who are they to do that to us?”  They naturally resented it.  Certainly they painted swastikas on stores owned by Jews.

Why should a German go in and give their money to a storekeeper who was part of a boycott who was going to starve Germany into surrender into the Jews of the world, who were going to dictate who their premier or chancellor was to be?  Well, it was ridiculous.

That continued for some time, and it wasn’t until 1938, when a young Jew from Poland walked into the German embassy in Paris and shot one of the officials [a German official] that the Germans really started to get rough with the Jews in Germany.  And you found them then breaking windows and having street fights and so forth.

Now, for anyone to say that –  I don’t like to use the word ‘anti-Semitism’ because it’s meaningless, but it means something to you still, so I’ll have to use it — the only reason that there was any feeling in Germany against Jews was that they were responsible: number one, for World War One; number two, for this world-wide boycott, and number three — did I say for World War One, they were responsible? For the boycott — and also for World War II, because after this thing got out of hand, it was absolutely necessary for the Jews and Germany to lock horns in a war to see which one was going to survive.

In the meanwhile, I had lived in Germany, and I knew that the Germans had decided [that] Europe is going to be Christian or Communist: there is no in between. It’s going to be Christian or it’s going to be Communist. And the Germans decided: “We’re going to keep it Christian if possible”.  And they started to re-arm.

And there intention was — by that time the United States had recognized the Soviet Union, which they did in November, 1933 — the Soviet Union was becoming very powerful, and Germany realized: “Well, our turn is going to come soon, unless we are strong.”  The same as we in this country are saying today, “Our turn is going to come soon, unless we are strong.”

And our government is spending 83 or 84 billion dollars of your money for defense, they say. Defense against whom?  Defense against 40,000 little Jews in Moscow that took over Russia, and then, in their devious ways, took over control of many other governments of the world.

Now, for this country to now be on the verge of a Third World War, from which we cannot emerge a victor, is something that staggers my imagination.  I know that nuclear bombs are measured in terms of megatons.  A megaton is a term used to describe one million tons of TNT.  One million tons of TNT is a megaton.  Now, our nuclear bombs have a capacity of 10 megatons, or 10 million tons of TNT.  That was when they were first developed five or six years ago.  Now, the nuclear bombs that are being developed have a capacity of 200 megatons, and God knows how many megatons the nuclear bombs of the Soviet Union have.

So, what do we face now?   If we trigger a world war that may develop into a nuclear war, humanity is finished.  And why will it take place?  It will take place because Act III. . . the curtain goes up on Act III.  Act I was World War I.  Act II was World War II.  Act III is going to be World War III.

   The Jews of the world, the Zionists and their co-religionists everywhere, are determined that they are going to again use the United States to help them permanently retain Palestine as their foothold for their world government.  Now, that is just as true as I am standing here, because not alone have I read it, but many here have read it, and it’s known all over the world.”

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