The Worst Genocide In History Exposed: HELLSTORM – The Death of National Socialist Germany

Hellstorm - The DocumentaryOver the years with my articles on this blog, and in my documentaries, videos,  radio interviews, graphics, etc I have been sharing the story of the real causes for World War II, and what happened to Germany both during and after the war in piecemeal fashion. Now, Kyle Hunt has put all of the pieces together in a single film, based upon the detailed and meticulously researched book by Thomas Goodrich entitled “Hellstorm”.  Kyle and all those who contributed to it and have done an outstanding job of presenting graphically, and without any glossing over, the absolute living Hell on Earth that was unleashed upon Germany in the name of “liberty”, “freedom”, “humanity” and “democracy”.

Those who can handle the truth will now see the horrific the firebombing, rape, torture, starvation, slavery, and mass murder inflicted upon the German people by the Allied victors of World War II, and learn about the chilling details through the eyes of those who lived through it.  This film is proof that a “holocaust” did take place! Indeed, a holocaust against the German people, and other enemy populations under German control during the war also suffered, as a consequence of the actions of the Supreme Allied War Criminals, their generals and their forces who were “just following orders”. This is proof of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity on a scale never before witnessed in the history of mankind, and it is high time for the world to see it, understand it, and to finally own up to it!

WARNING: Extremely graphic. For mature audiences only!

English subtitles are now available and translations are coming soon.
Buy The Book:
Quotations & Sources:


On behalf of the German people, especially those who suffered through these horrors, I wish to thank Thomas Goodrich for his courage, dedication and integrity in uncovering the truth and writing his epic book, and to Kyle Hunt and all those involved for their fine work, courage, perseverance in this project, and their dedication to the truth. God bless you!

We are forever in your debt.

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Relaunch of The Truth and Justice for Germans Society website with a new official logo

TJGSBack in February of this year I had the pleasure and honour of announcing the formation and registration of The Truth and Justice for Germans Society. At that time, I had designed and launched a separate website for this new group to establish our initial web presence and to inform people about our goals, etc. As stated at that time, we were looking for someone to improve on the website design, as well as, to create a more professional and attractive official logo than I had originally produced (see left).

Our friend and supporter Kyle Hunt volunteered to work on the site design, while another long time friend and supporter of my own efforts, the very talented Jay Belenger redesigned the logo. A week or so ago, I was able to announce on Facebook and other social media that the new look website had been completed, however, many of my J4G subscribers may not yet be aware of this relaunch. So, I invite those of you who may have missed the announcement, to check out the new look website now.

On behalf of my TJGS colleagues, I wish to extend our sincere thanks to both Kyle and Jay for their efforts and congratulate them on the outstanding job which they have done. We are very grateful and proud of this new look!


Click to visit TJGS

Additionally, we have launched a separate Facebook community page for the group:

And also a Twitter account for news updates

We are a small, fledgling activist group, still in our infancy, but with a huge mandate, sincere intentions and high standards. We invite all who share our concerns and goals worldwide to join with us and / or to support our efforts with donations.


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The Stockholm Syndrome and the global City of London Syndrome – Wake up!

The FRG / BRD is a perfect example of the so-called “Stockholm Syndrome” …on steroids. It was cultivated there after WWII, and then exported to the rest of the Jewish-Zionist-Freemasonic occupied and controlled nations since 1945.  Wikipedia tells us:

“Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors. These feelings are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims, who essentially mistake a lack of abuse from their captors for an act of kindness.[1][2] The FBI’s Hostage Barricade Database System shows that roughly 8 percent of victims show evidence of Stockholm syndrome.[3]

Stockholm syndrome can be seen as a form of traumatic bonding, which does not necessarily require a hostage scenario, but which describes “strong emotional ties that develop between two persons where one person intermittently harasses, beats, threatens, abuses, or intimidates the other.”[4] One commonly used hypothesis to explain the effect of Stockholm syndrome is based on Freudian theory. It suggests that the bonding is the individual’s response to trauma in becoming a victim. Identifying with the aggressor is one way that the ego defends itself. When a victim believes the same values as the aggressor, they cease to be perceived as a threat.[5]”

Stockholm syndrome is named after the Norrmalmstorg robbery of Kreditbanken at Norrmalmstorg in Stockholm, Sweden. During the crime, several bank employees were held hostage in a bank vault from August 23 to 28, 1973, while their captors negotiated with police. During this standoff, the victims became emotionally attached to their captors, rejected assistance from government officials at one point, and even defended their captors after they were freed from their six-day ordeal.[6]

The term was coined by the criminologist and psychiatrist Nils Bejerot, consultant psychiatrist to the police when it happened. He called it “Norrmalmstorgssyndromet” (Swedish), directly translated as The Norrmalmstorg Syndrome, but then later became known abroad as the Stockholm syndrome.[7] It was originally defined by psychiatrist Frank Ochberg to aid the management of hostage situations.[8]


Simply substitute the word “person” with “nation” and you’ll get the picture! But note too, that the episode surrounding the so-called “Stockholm Syndrome” also involved a “bank heist” and “hostage taking”. Thus, in the case of post-WWII Germany in particular, and now in the world at large, we should henceforth refer to this mindset on the international level as the “City of London Syndrome”.  Why? “The City” was behind both World Wars and all major wars since, and the hostages, to this day, are doing their bidding and defending them at all cost, in the face of all evidence that exposes their “Masters” as liars, cheats, tyrants and global bullies.


City of London

“The City” is a privately owned corporation, occupying 677 acres, located right in the heart of the 610 square mile ‘Greater London’ area. “The City” and its rulers (the real “Crown”) are not subject to the British Parliament, or any other international entity. They are a Sovereign State within a state. “The City” is the “financial hub” of the world. It is here that the Rothschilds banking family have their base of operations and their Central Command and Control of the entire planet.  The Federal Reserve in Washington is their oyster, the bankers and speculators on Wall Street are their henchmen, while Hollywood and the mainstream media are their propaganda arm. This is the Global Cabal, along with their Freemasonic and Bolshevik change agents (aka the NWO) whom National Socialist Germany exposed, opposed and had found the solution to, for defending her sovereignty, financial autonomy, and cultural integrity in a sea of financial sharks. “Positive Christian” Germany was the model independent state which the International Bankster Gangsters had to stop at all cost, and to demonize for all time. Or at least, until the Messiah returns to overturn their Beast System, and THEY surely know He will, as He also promised. Be not deceived. This is a spiritual war as much as a physical, political and financial war. Even more so.

jesus-whipAfter nearly 2 months of severe back pain, I can attest to how all patriotic Germans must have felt in 1919. Having the feeling of a knife in my back made it nearly impossible to sit and concentrate, and to do much of anything enjoyable, productive or purposeful during that time. But after a very sudden healing on Friday, May 1st (“Tag der Arbeit”), and now, 3 full days of being pain free and pharmaceuticals free, I am now declaring myself “fit for duty”, and ready to resume an active roll in the Battle for Truth and Justice on behalf of my beleaguered, highly propagandized, captive Folk. But also, for the world as a whole, which has been “insanely” defending its own captors and the real War Criminals since 1945, thereby, allowing a Global Criminal Cabal to have its way with ALL of mankind and  the planet at large. This must stop!

Those who continue to perpetuate the lies and to defend the parasitical, criminal, global cabal must be confronted and converted, or exposed as traitors to all humanity. Heaven awaits the Truth Tellers, while a fate a thousand times worse than Dresden, Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin, Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki awaits the real War Criminals and their minions. Their Day of Reckoning approaches!

A new, golden dawn of Freedom, in a true World of Peace and Joy (without THEM) awaits the courageous, honest, loyal, humble and faithful servants of God and fellow man.

Global hostages awaken. Stop being traitors to your own kind!

For the Truth shall set us Free…

german sunrisePS Thanks to all who have continued to donate to my efforts and the maintenance of this website. God bless you!


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Adolf Hitler: A Short Sketch of His Life (Authorized short biography 1938)

The book was written by Philipp Bouhler (Head of the Fuehrer’s Personal Chancellery) in English, and was officially authorized and published by the Terramare Office (Berlin) in 1938.  It covers Adolf Hitler’s humble family beginnings, his military service, the November 1918 revolution, the genesis of the NSDAP party, the reasons for its formation and its goals, stated enemies, followed by the Munich ‘Beerhall Putsch, Hitler’s trial, release from prison, and the history of his and the party’s long struggle to electoral victory, Hitler’s stated desire for peace, and their pre-war accomplishments, and his popularity. It begins as follows:

Adolf Hitler - PortraitADOLF HITLER was born on April 20, 1889, at Braunau in Upper Austria, close to the Bavarian frontier. Because it is situated on the frontier that divided two branches of
the German people, Hitler has spoken of Braunau as representing for him “The Symbol of a Great Task”, namely that of uniting all Germans in one State. His father, who was the son of poor peasants from the forest district, had worked himself upwards through his own study and perseverance until he became a civil servant. At the time that Adolf was born his father was Customs Officer at Braunau. Being proud of his own achievement and the status he had reached, his dearest desire was that his son should also enter the civil service; but the son was entirely opposed to this idea. He would be an artist.

When he was thirteen years old Hitler lost his father and four years later his mother died. So that he found himself alone in the world at the age of seventeen. He had attended the primary school and subsequently the grammar school at Linz; but poverty forced him to give up his studies and earn his bread. He went to Vienna, with the intention of studying to be an architect but he had to work for his livelihood as manual labourer at the building trade, where he mixed the mortar and served the carpenters and bricklayers. Later on he earned a daily pittance as an architectural draughtsman. Having to depend entirely on himself, he experienced in his own person from his earliest years what poverty and hunger and privation meant, And so he shared the daily fate of the workers, the “proletariat” in the building trade, and felt where the shoe pinched. Thus it came about that he began to think in terms of social reform during his early years.

He busied himself with the political questions of the day. In this study he was influenced by the personalty of Schoenerer, the leader of the Pan-German Austrians, and Lueger, who was the Vienna Burgermeister and founder of the Christian-Social Party. Hitler conceived a great admiration for these two men. He made an exhaustive study of the teachings of Karl Marx and here came to the important conclusion that one had to know Judaism in order to have the key to an inner and real knowledge of what Social Democracy meant.


Adolf Hitler – A Short Sketch of His Life (1938) reformatted (32 page printable e-book, 1.6 MB)

A scanned version of the original book is available at (below)

Adolf Hitler: A Short Sketch Of His Life

Finally, here is a new short video created by Dennis Wise (The Greatest Story Never Told) for the Fuehrer’s birthday

P.S.  On a personal note, I am still suffering with some back pain issues but it has improved substantially with treatment, which is still ongoing. I plan to resume posting on a more regular basis now, as well as resuming work for TJGS, if all goes well. There is so much more that needs to be done and said, and my passion for telling the truth and exposing the lies remains as strong as ever.

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My unplanned leave of absence – Hope to be back blogging soon!

ouchDear Readers and Friends, I have been offline again for a while now unfortunately. I had a series of car problems which I had to figure out and fix myself, as I can’t afford to put it in a shop and I do rely on my vehicle as I live in a secluded area where there is no public transportation. In the process of fixing the car, I severely injured my back, though thankfully no bones were broken. Nonetheless, I have been in a great deal of pain and unable to do much of anything except to get medical treatment and to rest as much as possible. Even sitting at the computer was too painful and I didn’t have much ability to concentrate on anything for long periods, as this work requires of me. Even reading a book was difficult.  So I have been just laying down a lot, trying to take it easy and to focus on getting better.

I have been receiving chiropractic care recently which has helped, and will be getting massage therapy too.  I’m doing some light exercize now too to try stretch the muscles and to build up them up again. Today is the first day in several weeks that I have felt well enough to sit up and be at the computer for any length of time, to read some e-mails etc, but I am feeling it too.  So, it will take a while yet before I can fully resume my regular activities here with the blog and with TJGS. There is so much to do.

Many thanks to my friends, family and neighbours who have helped me through this difficult time, have been there for me, and who have also helped to take care of my dog when I was unable to. Much appreciated!

Thanks also to my Facebook friends for their concern and support, as well as for all the e-mails expressing concern which I have received. I will do my best to reply to some of you in the coming days, as well as to moderate the many blog comments that are pending.

Hopefully I will be back posting sooner than later. Thanks for your understanding.


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